Outlook Reminders On Top

Have you ever arrived late to a meeting because your Outlook reminder didn't pop up? Microsoft calls this a feature, as Windows minimizes such
pop-up windows automatically when it thinks you're in the middle of something else (so as not to interrupt what you're doing).

But if there was ever a window I want interrupting me, it's one reminding me of an important meeting in 15 minutes!

Outlook Reminders On Top, affectionately called OROT (pronounced "oh rot"), solves this problem once and for all. It just sits there quietly in
your Windows notification area as a golden bell icon. Whenever it sees Outlook's Reminder window, it automatically brings it to the top so you
will see it! Then once it's on top, OROT can also play a sound or flash the Reminder window every couple minutes until you snooze or dismiss it.

Just download and run the setup, then relax knowing you'll never miss another meeting!



Brad Radaker


I've moved OROT to the popular download.com website.
Just click the button below to go directly to OROT's download page.

Get it from CNET Download.com!

For support you can always reach me at brad@radaker.com.


OROT only costs $6.99 per user (including free upgrades for life) but feel free to download and use it first.
I want you to feel confident that it works as advertised. Then if you like it simply return here to pay for it.
Payments are processed safely and securely with PayPal.


Volume Pricing:  For companies looking to install OROT on a large number of PCs, please email brad@radaker.com for special discount pricing.